Welcome to the West Hants!

Welcome to the West Hampshire Centre Website

Please take a look through the site and see who we are and what we get up to!

If you are interested in joining us on a rally you can book most of the rallies from this website directly. To do this you can browse all the ralies via the menu above. If you want you can also create an account for yourself and save all your details to make it easy to book again.


What is a Caravan Club Centre?

The West Hampshire Centre is an area group within the Caravan Club, known as a “Centre”.

There are 70 Centres within the United Kingdom. Any member of the Caravan Club may register with a Centre of their choice – usually local to their home.

Centre registration, at no extra cost, can be made through Caravan Club headquarters using the telephone number on your membership card. By registering with a Centre, a small portion of your annual subscription passes to the Centre to help with running costs. Re-registration is required annually at the time of your Caravan Club membership renewal.

Once you have registered with your chosen Centre, you will receive a welcome letter and a programme of current caravanning activities.

Caravan events, known as “rallies”, are a gathering of Caravan Club members who enjoy socialising and making new friendships. They are run during most weekends of the year in areas of special interest or outstanding natural beauty and at locations where special events are taking place during the period of the rally.

You don’t need to be a Centre member to attend a rally, but once you have sampled what is on offer, we do hope you will consider joining us

Some rallies have organised activities including dances, barbeques and entertainment. They all offer a relaxing break from the rigours of everyday life. Participation in any activity is entirely optional.

Take a look through our website to find out what the West Hampshire Centre is all about and at our rally pages to see what events we are running.

Please click here to find out more about Caravan Club membership.


The Caravan Club – West Hampshire Centre is proudly supported by Winchester Caravans